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Acate Amazon Conservation

Acate Amazon Conservation

You might wonder why I chose Acaté Amazon Conservation to support, given that there are so many other worthwhile not-for-profit organizations with an interest in the Amazon. I find it important to support organizations that directly support the Amazon and its people. That is exactly what Acaté does. Founded by a physician-ethnobotanist and a sustainable agriculturalist, Acaté works in partnership with the Matsés people of the Peruvian Amazon to preserve the traditional knowledge of the Matsés, and develop ways to generate a dependable income using renewable non-timber resources.

The Matsés, like many Amazonian farmers have used a slash-and-burn method of agriculture that is a big driver of deforestation in the Amazon. Traditionally, when the Matsés were nomadic people, this method worked. When the soil was depleted, a family would move elsewhere and the jungle would reclaim the cleared land. Since contact, the Matsés live together in permanent communities. The land surrounding the communities is cleared and over time the cleared area keeps getting bigger, expanding outwards. The jungle can’t fix this. What is needed is a change to sustainable and regenerative agricultural systems.

By helping the Matsés people become able to live sustainably, they will become empowered to protect their land from even bigger threats of deforestation and preserve their way of life.

The wild harvested aguaje fruit used to make Imaya’s Retinoic Face Oil is sourced from a different community in Peru, the Kokama community, who have already adopted many sustainable practices.

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