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What is Conscious Beauty?

The term "conscious beauty" has been trending in 2020. But what does it really mean? 

Conscious beauty is the production and consumption of beauty products that take into consideration consumers’ broader concerns, including health, environment, animal welfare, and worker rights.

For consumers to be able to make conscious decisions about their purchases, beauty brands need be transparent about everything that concerns consumers. It’s not simply enough to label a product toxin-free and list a bunch of certifications. Conscious beauty goes beyond clean and green. Conscious beauty needs to be part of every aspect of the business – it needs to become part of a brand’s culture.

Imaya Beauty is conscious of the impact of its actions on health, society, and the environment. I communicate this information openly to my community on social media. 

For the eco-conscious, it may be reassuring to know that the fruit used to make Imaya’s face oil is sustainably wild-harvested. Imaya doesn’t stop at sustainable sourcing, but actively supports aguaje tree conservation and reforestation initiatives for future generations. Imaya is also trying hard to achieve a zero waste/carbon neutral operation.

Consumers concerned about the welfare of people should know that Imaya works directly with local communities to ensure that they benefit economically. Foresters need to know that they can make a living from sustainable harvesting. Local women who are employed to produce the oil are able to make fair wages in an area where few opportunities exist for women.

Safety is important to Imaya - tree climbers harvest agauje fruit from the tops of trees that are 10 stories high and are trained to use specialized equipment so that they can climb safely. There have been no accidents to date. 

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