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1. What does Imaya mean?

The name Imaya encompasses the essence of the Amazon Rainforest. I wanted to create a name that would evoke images of the grandeur of the Amazon Rainforest, its lush vegetation, and its connection to the people who live there. The name is inspired by the word 'mayu' which means river in one of the local indigenous languages.

2. Where are Imaya products made? 

We bottle and package the aguaje oil in Toronto, Canada. The aguaje oil comes from Peru. 

3. What ingredients are used in Imaya's Retinoic Face Oil?

Our Retinoic Face Oil is made with a single ingredient - Mauritia flexuosa fruit oil (aguaje oil). We use a proprietary blend of aguaje varietals. There are no additives, preservatives, essential oils, or fragrance in our product. 

4. Is Imaya certified organic?

The aguaje used in our Retinoic Face Oil is sustainably wild-harvested, not organic. This means it is harvested in the wild, not through organic farming. 

5. Does Imaya source sustainably? 

Yes. Our partners in Peru work with indigenous communities that have developed specialized climbing equipment so that people can safely climb the aguaje trees and harvest the fruit. The practice in Peru and Brazil is to cut down the aguaje trees to harvest the fruit. This is because the trees can grow up to ten storeys high. 

6. Does Imaya source ethically? 

Yes. We believe that everyone in the supply chain should be paid a living wage. We are currently working with grass roots organizations in Peru to develop standards for ecological and ethical agricultural practices. 

7. Is Imaya's Retinoic Face Oil handcrafted? 

Yes. Local indigenous women clean and hand press the fruit using ancestral oil pressing techniques. This provides them with a source of income and preserves indigenous knowledge. 

8. Does Imaya test on animals? Is Imaya cruelty free?

Imaya is certified cruelty free with the Leaping Bunny Program. Our company and our suppliers will never test on animals.

9. Is Imaya vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO?

Yes. We will never use animal or animal derived ingredients in our products. We will never use gluten or GMO ingredients in any of our products. 

10. Does Imaya test its products? 

Absolutely. We go a step beyond the legislated testing requirements and test for lipid profiles to ensure we are delivering high performance skincare. 

11. Why is Aguaje a natural retinol alternative?

Aguaje is one of the richest sources of beta carotene in the world. Beta carotene, also referred to as provitamin A, is converted into Vitamin A (retinol) when absorbed into the skin. 

12. Will I have to pay duties or taxes if I am importing your product? 

Shipments crossing international borders are subject to duty and tax assessment by the importing country's government. Several factors are involved in the determination of the duty and tax amount. In some countries, duties and taxes must be paid before the goods are released from Customs. For more information, contact your country's Customs department. 

13. Will Aguaje Oil stain fabric? 

If you spill the oil on your fabric, it is likely to stain, but the stain can be removed easily with natural laundry detergent. After you apply oil on your face, wash your hands with soap to reduce the chance that oil will be transferred to your hand towel. If you limit the use of oil on your face to 2-3 drops, and wait about 15 minutes for it to absorb, it is unlikely that the oil will come off onto your pillow case. 

14. When will you launch your next product?

We hope to launch our next product in 2021. Please subscribe to our mailing list to stay updated.